Rado Watch Repair

Trained in the United States and Switzerland, our staff is well versed in the repair, service, testing and overhauling of Rado watches. It is not unusual for even the finest Swiss watch, like a Rado, to need an overhaul every 3 to 5 years.

If you are the proud owner of a Rado watch that is in need of repair, visit our Repair Forms page and we will provide you with a prompt estimate of your cost to restore your prized watch to proper working condition. You invested in a Rado because of its high quality. Swiss Service can help you to retain its value.

  • Rado Watch Repair
  • Battery Service for Rado Watches
  • Water Resistance Testing - Gasket Replacement for Rado Watches ( Should be checked annually )
  • Overhaul / Factory Service for Rado Watches ( Recommended every 3-5 years)
  • Replacement of Sapphire Crystals for Rado Watches
  • Bracelet Sizing for Rado Watches
  • Replacement of Broken Crowns for Rado Watches
  • Failure to keep time accurately for Rado Watches
  • Watch won't run overnight for Rado Watches
  • Watch stops and runs intermittently for Rado Watches
  • 1 year warranty on Factory Service for Rado Watches

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